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Communities are making renewable energy more accessible to everyone.

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Harnessing our power as energy consumers to speed the transition to a low-carbon future.

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Programs & services

We enable everyday people to make green energy choices in the most cost-effective, practical and seamless ways possible, and to advocate for energy policies that benefit the greater good.

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We harness the power of our vast community to advocate for energy policies that benefit the greater good.

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We stay in-the-loop on all things energy and boil down key information for New England energy consumers.

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Drive Green Get a discounted electric car
Green Powered Choose the right kind of green electricity.
Heating Oil Service Get a discount on heating oil with a local dealer
Solar Compare apples-to-apples quotes online from vetted solar installers
Order Oil Online with Smart Touch Energy Order heating oil whenever you need it
Shave the Peak Get alerts to save energy when it matters the most
Advocacy Join our green energy advocacy efforts
Heat Pump group buy 2020 Heat pump program page

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What: Deep Dive into EV Batteries

When: Tuesday, Apr 7 2020, 12:00pm

Where: Online

Vehicle electrification to lower greenhouse gas emissions will largely be driven by better batteries. Though the current technology is good enough for early-adopters, how will better tech move us towards an all-electric future as quickly as possible? Join Green Energy Consumers Alliance for this hour-long webinar to learn: - Why batteries are crucial to transition from the internal combustion engine and reduce our dependence on gasoline. - How improved battery technology will make electric vehicles cheaper and encourage more drivers to switch. - What to expect from battery tech if you drive or want to drive an electric car now.

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